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What makes your wine tours different from the others?  To begin with, our intention is to help you "expand your ability to smell & taste" wine  and to have a most enjoyable time learning to do so.    At the first winery, I spend quality time sharing information while demonstrating the techniques that will enable you to do this and this is not intimidating at all.  It is after all..just food in a bottle. You are not dropped off at the door and left to wait in line while we wait outside.  The wineries appreciate the Nose For Wine educational tours and work along side to share all the relevant information and you are treated like royalty in a "reserved for you" place in the tasting rooms. They also allow us to "dirty lots of glasses" while doing this!  You quickly are recognized as a "special customer" because your intention is to learn and enjoy not to just go out and know...hammered.

There has been some national negative press regarding the party bus and limo wine tours, do you use limos or party buses? we don't but that's not to say we don't have a ...         GOOD TIME.  And right you are about the press thing, and it is being dealt with in their own way. Since Sideways...there indeed has been an increase in drunkenness arriving at the winery tasting rooms.  And not much appreciated by the staffs.  To each his own we say...we are more about having you long remember your tour with every glass of wine you ever drink...remember how that was the day the light went on and you began getting all the promise that was put into the bottle out and enjoying every drop.  We love it when the staff opens the door for you instead of hiding behind it.

"What you learn consciously, you will apply subconsciously."


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